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To the International Makarenko Association, dedicated to studying and spreading the ideas of the Soviet pedagogue Anton Semyonovich Makarenko. We promote the humanitarian and democratic raising of children.

Anton Makarenko

Anton Makarenko was the leading pedagogue, or child educator, of the Soviet Union since the 1920's.

     At that time Makarenko took young thieves, gangsters, juvenile delinquents, and orphans, and put them together in camps, or "communes." There were alot of orphaned youth from the harsh Civil War. Makarenko's children ran their own labor camps democratically. They decided how much wheat they should grow, or maybe if they didn't want to grow wheat, they grew turnips instead, as much as they wanted. There were no punishments, no hitting the children. The children elected their own leaders to make decisions.

There the children learned about culture and got an education. The delinquents saw that Makarenko respected them and loved him back, like one of their own. Makarenko was very brave to be in the commune out in the woods without any guards. One time when a group of adult thieves threatened the area, all of the children got together and caught them.


These adventures at the Gorky Labor Commune are written down in his book "A Pedagogical Poem." (Makarenko's first labor commune was named after his friend, the Russian author Maxim Gorky.)

Makarenko came to bring up a whole system of communes in this way. The communes were a great success. The children made all kinds of equipment like drills and cameras, and more than covered their costs. In addition, no one who graduated from the communes committed crimes afterwards. Some of the biggest gangsters even became child educators themselves!

Most importantly, the labor communes showed that raising children on a democratic and humanitarian basis made them good citizens. In fact, it may have been one of the few places in the Soviet Union that reached true Communism.

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Note: Makarenko's colonies were totally different than religious fake-military "boot camps" in the former slave states part of the U.S.

To see what happens to children when society is based on private profit, instead of the general welfare, read Boot Camps for Kids- Torturing Teens for Fun and Profit:

The United Nations

The United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) declared 1988 to be the "Year of Makarenko."

In addition, the United Nations created UNICEF in 1946 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. The Convention lists 41 articles of childrens' rights, such as freedom of expression and protection "from all forms of physical and mental violence."

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child